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Hyperfusion is your preferred partner for perfusion-related research collaborations

Hyperfusion Services

Next to developing ready-to-use products in the healthcare industry. Hyperfusion offers services as a Clinical Research Organization (CRO).

While developing state-of-the-art products, our team has developed unique tools for post-processing and the analysis of medical images & 4D-scans. These tools are available to be used in research settings.

Perfusion Imaging

Perfusion imaging is a medical imaging technique that aims to track the blood flow in human tissue. The passage of blood from an arterial supply to venous drainage through the microcirculation is recorded and quantified. This is done by taking a series of low-dose scans, instead of taking a single high-dose scan. Therefore, it can be seen as a CT/MRI video, versus a traditional still CT/MRI scan.

  • Blood flow
  • Blood flow source
  • Blood flow volume
  • Blood flow volume
  • Tissue permeability
  • And many other low-level quantative and semi-quantative parameters

Perfusion analyses are frequently used in drug trials or other clinical trials in order to evaluate development of perfusion parameters. Hyperfusion offers perfusion analyses services for research projects.