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We fuse AI with medical imaging

to help physicians outsmart
and patients outlive

4D imaging

The Hyperfusion-technology leverages vascular flow information from dynamic CT & MRI videos to characterize tumors and surrounding tissue. 

Artificial intelligence

Our patented approach and advanced artificial intelligence allows for the processing of 4D-data &  extraction of pharmacokinetic biomarkers. 

Widely applicable

Hyperfusion's solutions can be used in  the detection, evaluation & prognosis of treatment effect in patients with all solid tumor cancer types. 

About stands at the vanguard of applying AI to cancer imaging: by fusing AI with medical imaging, we're helping physicians outsmart & patients outlive cancer. Our mission is to give the right patient the right treatment at the right time, by building algorithms that analyse perfusion scans (CT/MR) to detect cancer, determine the most effective therapies and to monitor therapy response.

We aim to give cancer patients better and faster feedback on the treatment they are receiving by providing medical experts with a new, golden standard for the evaluation of tumor response rate. It often takes almost 6 months before a patient knows whether he/she is actually responding to treatment, whereas our software algorithms can provide clarity after only a couple of weeks.

Moreover, Hyperfusion's analyses are very effective in detecting malignant lesions & identifying the most aggressive tumoral areas. By leveraging the accumulated data, we are furthermore able to predict which treatment or medicine will be most effective on the basis of a single medical image.

Hyperfusion's software is providing an answer to multiple unmet medical needs, while at the same time, we can directly impact the number of QALYS, increase revenue of hospitals, decrease NHS spent of ineffective therapies and reduce the time-to-market (and cost) of marketing cancer medicine.